RDAF supports the goals of the Rare Disease Day in Bern, Switzerland

    28 Feb, 2018

    On 3 March 2018, ProRaris, the Swiss patient umbrella organization for rare diseases, organizes the Rare Disease Day in Bern, Switzerland. The aim of this event is to raise awareness and generate momentum to further develop national plans and policies to improve the situation for patients with rare diseases. The Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF), a multi-stakeholder platform for rare diseases in Switzerland, supports the goals of this event and will attend the event in Bern.

    The Rare Disease Day in Bern is designed for patients and various actors in the area of rare diseases to meet, discuss and exchange information. The focus of this year’s event is twofold: diagnosis and international networking. Like in the past years, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) will be present and report on the progress of the ‘National Concept for Rare Diseases’.

    More information on the Rare Disease Day 2018 About the RDAF The RDAF is a platform to exchange ideas and define actions to raise awareness and improve access to treatments for rare diseases in Switzerland.

    The Forum brings together experts from companies active in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, patient organizations, health care professionals, payors and additional experts in the field of rare diseases.

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