Position paper on IV revision finalized

    23 Jul, 2018

    Position paper on IV revision finalizedOn 12 July 2018, the Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF) finalized a position paper on the ongoing revision of the Swiss Invalidity Insurance (IV). The discussions on this issue are ongoing in Parliament, where the Federal Council’s proposal dated 15 February 2017 is being examined. Among others aspects, our position paper highlights the fact that patients with rare diseases will be greatly impacted by the revision and presents aspects that are important for improving the situation of patients with rare diseases in Switzerland.

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    RDAF position statement on KVV/KLV revision

    The Rare Disease Action Forum has published a position paper in relation to the consultation organized by the Federal Office of Public Health on the revision of the Health Insurance Ordinance (KVV/OAMal) and the Health Benefits Ordinance (KLV/OPAS). In its position...

    The RDAF publishes its newsletter

    The newsletter, which is published twice a year, gives an overview of all the Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF) activities during the past half year to raise awareness about rare diseases in Switzerland and improve patient’s access to diagnosis, treatment and care....