The Rare Disease Action Forum welcomes the Rare Disease Day

    28 Feb, 2019

    While rare means rare for each individual disease, rare becomes many across all those diseases that affect 300 million people and their families who have to cope with these diseases and their impact on quality of life and life expectancy.

    The Rare Disease Action Forum joins in and shares the message of the rare disease community to raise awareness for patients with a rare disease in Switzerland. In this respect, we extend special congratulations to ProRaris, the Swiss umbrella organization of patients with rare diseases. ProRaris, an RDAF member organization celebrates its 10th anniversary and it’s 10th Rare Disease Day in Switzerland this year.

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    RDAF position on the KVV / KLV revision

    The revision of the Health Insurance Ordinance (KVV/OAMal) and the Health Benefits Ordinance (KLV/OPAS), presented by the Federal Council in September, will further deteriorate access to treatment and quality of care for rare disease patients in Switzerland. The...