The RDAF publishes its newsletter

    29 Jun, 2022

    The newsletter, which is published twice a year, gives an overview of all the Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF) activities during the past half year to raise awareness about rare diseases in Switzerland and improve patient’s access to diagnosis, treatment and care. Activities in Q1-Q2 2022 include:

    • Policy monitoring and evaluation,
    • Multi-stakeholder workshop on market access for orphan drugs in Switzerland,
    • Engagement with key stakeholders in the field of rare diseases.

    The newsletter also includes an outlook of upcoming RDAF activities for Q3-Q4. The RDAF will submit its input for the ongoing public consultation on the revision of the Health Insurance and Benefits Ordinances. The RDAF will also organize a webinar in Q4 2022. The full newsletter is available here.

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    International Rare Disease Day in Switzerland

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