Joint statement on the KVV/OAMal and KLV/OPAS revision

    17 Oct, 2022

    The RDAF co-signed a joint statement with other stakeholders on the revision of the Health Insurance Ordinance (KVV/OAMal) and Health Benefits Ordinance (KLV/OPAS). The statement highlights the potential negative impacts of the revision, including the following:

    – Reduced access to essential treatments; for patients with rare diseases, the revision would in particular impede access to orphan drugs under the regime for reimbursement in individual cases under art. 71a-d KVV/OAMal, without any improvement of the process for the inclusion of treatments in the Specialties List;
    – Increased inequality of access to treatment;
    – Increased administrative burden for all actors.

    Therefore, the signing organizations reject the revision in its current form and call to jointly define solutions to accelerate and improve access to treatments in Switzerland. The full statement is available here.

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