International Rare Disease Day in Switzerland

    18 Jan, 2024

    The Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF) supports the International Rare Disease Day, a worldwide campaign that promotes access to diagnosis and treatment for individuals living with a rare disease.

    Scheduled for 29 February 2024, this awareness day aims to address the vital needs of rare disease patients on a global scale. Moreover, the RDAF lends its support to the Swiss initiative for Rare Disease Day and will partake in the event hosted by ProRaris on 2 March 2024. The Swiss event will focus on enhancing patient involvement in clinical research and healthcare, collaborating with various stakeholders.

    Collaborating with our members, decision-makers and stakeholders from the Swiss rare disease community, the RDAF works towards increasing awareness about the challenges faced by rare disease patients and improving their access to diagnosis and treatment.

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    RDAF position on the KVV / KLV revision

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