26 April 2022

    Multi-stakeholder workshop report – Market access for orphan drugs in Switzerland

    14 July 2021

    Report of the RDAF Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Registries for Rare Diseases

    25 June 2020

    Multi-stakeholder workshop report – Registries for rare diseases in Switzerland (8 April 2020)

    22 December 2021

    RDAF activities in 2021 and outlook for 2022

    19 April 2021

    Webinar report – Access to diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in Switzerland Current status, challenges and initiatives (25 March 2021)

    10 December 2020

    RDAF statement for the public consultation on he revision of the Federal Health Insurance Act concerning package 2 of the cost containment measures

    06 October 2021

    RDAF statement on the Federal Council report on rare diseases

    19 March 2021

    RDAF statement for the public consultation on the adjustment of various ordinances which are needed to implement the revised Swiss Invalidity Insurance